Embedded System Minecraft

I wrote "Minceraft," a rather simplified version of Minecraft, for an embedded system. The board used was a Wyzbee development board from Redpine, which had an ARM-based Spansion microcontroller on it. The board receives input from a standard infrared TV remote, as breifly seen in the video.

In the game, the player spawns as a two pixel figure in a randomly generated world. The world is generated by using the time spent on the welcome screen as the seed. The player can jump and move left or right with predictable physics, which include realistic trajectories and friction. The player can also "dig", which removes adjacent blocks from the world. The player can dig toward any of the eight cardinal directions.

This game was part of a class project where the student was supposed to "do something interactive" with the LED screen and the IR remote. The broken lines on the LED screen were caused by a faulty connection on the flexible connector to the screen. Class materials experience the worse of wear and tear.


Written on the 14th of December in 2015